During my internship at DDB, one of the projects that was handed to me and my partner Lindsay Dyer was the ExxonMobil Educational Alliance promotional award materials for the 2016 year. In this program, Exxon works with it’s station partners to fund local schools with the tools they need to excel in the maths and sciences creating a community bond that’s become really special to the students, faculty, and store owners alike.

However, it was pretty clear to us at briefing that it the clients expected nothing more than stock photo of happy kids in a classroom with type knock out. Thankfully our team was down to push for more allowing us to really go for more interesting work that turned into such a great learning experience and one of my first times directing a shoot for both print and video start to finish. Here’s the BTS video and check out more in my project piece to come:

Lean more about the program and see the work here: https://www.exxon.com/en/educational-alliance 

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