ExxonMobil Educational Alliance

The Challenge

Refresh the communication kits for ExxonMobil’s Educational Alliance encouraging both B2B and local school participation.

The Solution

Not only share the mission of ExxonMobil’s Educational Alliance, but the story. Using the people and things it directly effects, Kids and the classroom supplies they use everyday, we created whimsical scenes showing the power and creativity created when the right tools and imagination collide in the mind of a child.

$27 million and ongoing.

Today, learning about math and science is more hands-on than ever. Through our partnership with the Educational Alliance students have the tools and technology to pursue their interests and their dreams.

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A start to finish project.

This project was a start to finish labor of love full of cartwheels, prop design, scafolding and laughter. Take a seat. Get comfotable and hear a bit more about the process and team.

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