Oikos Triple Zero packs punch when it comes to fueling your passions. On social we set out to both educate on how our 15G of protein is a superior protein as well as inspire with our brand ambassadors, Misty Copeland and Cam Newton. Oikos Triple Zero is fueling you to #BeUnstoppablyYou.

Why do you protein?

We’re all side hustlers today with multiple passions. With the help of our brand ambassadors, Misty Copeland and Cam Newton, we created a mini series to show how they use protein fuels their passions and opening the question to you – Why do you protein?


There’s a lot of questions when it comes to protein. In a world of alternative facts we set out to set the record straight about how protein from yogurt is a superior form of recovery.

As a supplement to our more equity driven “Why do you protein?” content, we created this series to give you the straight facts of why you should protein with Oikos Triple Zero.

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