The Sony Soul Revival,



Client: Sony Music.

Communication Opportunity: Sony has one of the largest music corporations with studios of great history. They’re on the cusp of the future but have not forgotten their past.

Target: 25-45 Men and Women. They commute on a regular basis and when they do, they never do it without their earbuds in. Music is a passion point for them and ascends cultural divides.

Strategy: To use the relevance and connection point of music throughout history to unite and bond different cultural communities.

Concept: The Sony Soul Revival

A social and guerrilla campaign to bring the community together through music and history. Sony sets out to strike a chord within the community of NYC bringing people together this black history month by reviving Soul through stepping through jazz history.

Wheat Paste Posters


Placed in high transit areas, prompting people to the A-Train experience.


Transit Takeovers

Interactive Bus Shelters


Pressure pads are used to detect when people are near. Once triggered, music is activated and the visuals of the board rearrange to showcase information about a spotlight artist.


Lead-in's to the A-Train Takeover

Subway Landing Takeover

Subway Interior Takeover

The interior walls of the subway are wrapped with images of the past in a flip book style. When the subway moves the dancers move with it.


Pandora and Spotify Sponsored Content

Beacons will be placed in high transit areas pushing a coordinated Spotify or Pandora ad that users of the app will all hear at the same time. Connecting them through a common musical experience and prompting them to tune into the station to continue making a connection in their community reviving.


The A-Train Experience

A single subway car is transformed into a Jazz club where various musicians will be playing throughout the month, creating a unique and intimate experience for those who partake.


Social Media

Facebook serves as the hub of the revival, where users can follow for information on upcoming gigs and events.

On Twitter, Users are encouraged to #strikeachord by tweeting about musical interests to influence and reveal specific information on the sets.

When they do, Sony Soul will match them as a struck chord releasing more information about the upcoming events on the A-Train.


Project by

Betsy Appling and Robin Beattie


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