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The Challenge

Relaunch the brand with an equity campaign centered in probiotic messaging: Activia’s billions of probiotics help take care of what’s inside so we can beour best self.

It Starts Inside

A combination of social, OLV, and TVC with messaging centered around the self-care needed to remove the mental and physical barriers that allow our inner critic to creep up. When we treat ourselves well and put our routine first, there is no stopping our unlimited potential. Because everything we hold dear, everything we can and will achieve, everything we stand for, starts inside.

Social Experiment Launch

The campaign launched with a social experiment. Real women. Real Answers. 80% of women agree that they are their own worst critic. Activia believes women have the power to change their inner dialogue and find their positive inner voice.

The message spanned throughout Activia’s social accounts as well as blogger and influencer posts.

The Story on Social
Press and Partnerships

The release was covered in the media by several sources including Refinery29, spreading the news of the new brand message.

As a part of the awareness effort, Activia pledged to donate $250,000 to Girls Who Code to help the future generation challenge their inner critic.


Activia’s “Inside Stories Series” tells the story of four successful women’s journey to overcome their inner critic. Featuring Reshma Saujani (Founder of Girls Who Code,) Irma Martinez (Stylist and Entrepreneur,) Stephanie Izard (Top Chef winner and 4 time Restaurateur,) and Randi Zuckerberg (Producer and Entrepreneur.)

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