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Being there matters

Connecting in modern times isn’t like it used to be. 70% of people are more likely to communicate with friends and family digitally vs. in person. We send friend request over social, face to face with Facetime, and like-comment-subscribe from behind the glow of our screens.

But nothing feels quite like being there in person.

We’re there. So you can be too.

As a brand who’s history is rooted in connecting people, Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express come together under one message: We’re there. So you can be too. Launching a global equity campaign that unites the brands in a multi touch point campaign of TV, OLV, OOH, and Social.


The campaign launched with two cobranded spots: Laughter and Touch. Supported by targeted OLVs, social, and OOH focusing on the magic that happens we we get together.

Co-Branded TVC – Laughter
Co-Branded TVC – Touch
Co-Branded OLVs
Co-Branded Social
Co-Branded OOH

For Holiday Inn Express, we created spots that showcase it’s frictionless stay amenities that allow you to be there with ease.


For Holiday Inn, we created spots that highlight people trips through the hotel amenities.

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