Yo. I'm Betsy.

A concept maker, experience afficionado, and master GIF queen
all under the beautiful title of Art Director.


About me...

The Work

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About me?

I’m a little sugar, spice, and everything nice but for the most part “I was born really special cause I was born with a lot of attitude and SWAG.” -Bring It.

Hi I’m Betsy.  An Art Director, GIF Queen, avid IRL LOLer, lover of all things experiential and social, and Full-time sarcastic. I’ve got a BFA in Advertising from Savannah College of Art and Design with One Show and D&AD award winning work under my belt. Let’s get acquainted?


I’m pretty random.
If I had a spirit animal it would be 2 Chainz.

“I’m different, ya I’m different”

I dance. ALOT. 10+ years and counting.

Like award winning dancer and choreographer ova’ here.

My mom wanted me to be a broadway star, my dad wanted me to be a piano prodigy, and I wanted to be an Astrophysicist.

True story. (Sorry to da parentals.)

I sometimes think about writing papers on the evolution of Jazz.

Say yes to the era of big bands and improv.

I highly believe that Kanye is music’s Andy Warhol.

I mean what other artist uses a 6 count measure? Answer: NO ONE.


Wanna hear more from me? Check out my cultivated blog and social musings.

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Friday Vibez

  Another WIP. So fresh and so clean...
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WIP. Mind the leg Gap

Coming to a manspreader near...
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Hi. Just haven’t made a GIF in a...
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Squad walking into 2017 like… #VIBES 2k17 edition. 
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BOYZNTHEHOOD: A Nouveau riche effort.

Coming to your feeds and browsers soon. Boyz N the Hood, a collective of inspiration creation from my creative global rogue agency lyfe associate friends near and far. Content including but not limited to #talesfromtheghetto, GetLIT playlists, #FACTS, #MorningMoments,...
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WIP by yours truly
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ExxonMobil Educational Alliance | BTS

During my internship at DDB, one of the projects that was handed to me and my partner Lindsay Dyer was the ExxonMobil Educational Alliance promotional award materials for the 2016 year. In this program, Exxon works with it’s station partners to fund local...
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